Academic Performance Between Public And Private Schools

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This paper focuses on studies that have been conducted in order to compare the academic scores of students in public and private schools. The studies vary in the exact goal of the experiment because some studies are being performed to correct errors and flaws in others and some are simply being performed to compare scores. Regardless of the goal, the studies collectively agree that private schools do in fact perform at higher academic levels than public schools. Furthermore, private schools perform at higher academic levels for many reasons such as their selection of students, class sizes, and student attitudes. Academic Performance Differences in Public and Private Schools There has always been some interest surrounding…show more content…
In this case, the NCES wanted to focus on characteristics that would include a majority of students so that readers would be able to see that the comparison results were based of a large pool of data. After comparing all public and private schools that took NAEP assessments in the fourth grade, the NCES concluded that students who attended private schools scored 14.7 points higher than public schools in reading and 7.8 points higher than public schools in mathematics (p. iii). In addition, according to this study, the eighth grade students who attended private schools also outperformed students in public schools in these subjects. Additionally, Dynarski (2008) observes that, overall, eighth graders in private schools historically outperform their public school counterparts by a range of 14 to 20 points. Furthermore, through Dynarski’s collection of data it consistently pointed out that the private school students had the edge over public school students. Reasons Why Private Schools Outperform Public Schools There is no denying that private schools perform at higher levels academically, but there is distinctive reasoning on why this is so. Private schools are selective in what type of students they admit into their schools and how many students they actually admit. This can provide a significant advantage over public schools who accept any type of
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