Academic Performance Levels Of Students

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There have been mostly great gains in academic performance levels of the students in relation to where students were prior to instruction. Students have developed a deeper comprehension of rhyming words, phonemic awareness, counting, and much more. This nursery rhyme unit was very important because it integrated literacy and mathematics. Each lesson may have discussed a nursery rhyme, but it also pointed to different skills in literacy. Looking at each child, students have increased in their comprehension of lowercase and uppercase letters. Almost all students were able to increase their knowledge of the alphabet tremendously. Rhyming is where a few of the children went backwards from their pre and post assessment. The assumption is because children were taught rhyming in a different way from the assessment. The assessment asked students to point to a picture that rhymed with the first picture. During the nursery rhyme unit, students were coming up with words that rhyme by themselves. For an example, students had to write down words that rhymed with “Fall.” It was easier for them to write down many words that rhymed together. The assessment asked students to pick one word that rhymed. Some students pointed to the picture that started with the same sound. The definition of rhyming could have been discussed more with the students to help the few who got confused on the post assessment. Being a student teaching and planning a unit never really gave me time to
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