Academic Performance Trend of Students with Ofw Parents

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In what ways does Parent Involvement affect Children’s Academic Performance?

Rebecca Deutscher, Ph.D. and Mary Ibe, M.A. Lewis Center for Educational Research, Apple Valley, California

Abstract This project examined the role that parent involvement has on children’s academic performance. Various types of parent involvement were assessed, including volunteering, home involvement, attending parent classes, school political involvement, talking to staff, talking to teachers, etc. Academic performance was measured by STAR test scores and by grades. Approximately 400 students in 7th through 11th grade were included. Overall, the results indicated that those who did the self-report survey, went to the parent class, or were involved in more
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Method and Data Sources This study took place at a K-12 charter school in a large rural area in Southern California. For this research project, approximately 400 of the 7th through 11th graders were included. Parent involvement was measured in various ways, including a self-report survey, number of parents who volunteered, number of parents who took the first Collegial Teaching Certificate class, and the number of parents that viewed their child’s progress online. The first measure was a self-report survey. Every family at the school was required to take the Family Involvement Survey online. They were all given an identification number and a password in order to log on to the survey and to keep the survey anonymous. Approximately 49% filled out the survey. This survey was a 30-item questionnaire in which families were asked about their involvement in their child’s education. It was a combination of Likert-type scales and free-response questions. The survey included questions about how much and in what ways parents were involved in volunteering, parent classes, parent associations, political activities, working with children at home, talking to teachers or staff, reading newsletters, checking students progress online, educational activities outside of school, and school programs. There were also a few questions about how parents would improve communication with the school.

Another measure of parent
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