Academic Performance in First Year Australian University Students: Annotated Bibliography

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Krause, K. & Coates, H. (2008). Students’ engagement in first-year university. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 33(5), 493-505. Retrieved August 13, 2010
This article was written by two authors: Kerri-lee Krause and Hamish Coates. The article is directed to the Australian students during their experience in the first year of learning. The authors have made use of data that was collected from a national study. This data represented seven dimensions of engagement with the university study and the environment, and the dynamics of the distribution of these ideas among all the first years in the universities. The article underline that education is all about students defining and thereby having a construction of their own
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The article is a report that represents an historic time in the studies that concern the experience of the first year students in the Australian higher education system. The article represents a number of factors that are experienced by the students who gets to the Australian higher education system. This article is directed to these students who are already at the institutions of higher education. The authors argue that there are several experiences that students experience when they join the institutions of higher education. The authors have involved a number of research methods as issuing of questionnaires and carrying out surveys on a number of students. They assert that many students go to these institutions with high expectations to achieve much. With time, these attitudes are pound to change. First year students have been known to remain with their interests and expectations that they will get in from the university studies they are to pursue. The research on the first year’s experience on a decade is as essentially aimed at making policies and strategies that will guide the government in managing the first years. The article is well documented and comprehensive. It explores into various ideas that are interesting. This article has assisted me to learn some of the experiences that are met by the first years
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