Academic Preparation of Each Student

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Vision Statement: In this class the main priority will be the academic preparation of each student. I will pursue the opportunity to learn and collaborate with stragies to enable all learners across the board. We will expand our knowledge on technology, and enhance our classroom. Mission Statement: It is my mission to motivate, encourage, and challenge each student to reach their fullest potential, Secondly I will work on educating each student on the advancements of technology in the classroom, as well working on your academic skills of learning to do critical thinking, problem solving, and effective learning to communicate and collaborate. It’s my desire to make our classroom a safe and positive environment. In our class we will respect each other. Finally I will be fair to each of you when it comes to you behavior. Section Two: Communications Plan Many teachers in America have been given the task that I find myself in right now, and that is creating and communication plan for my students, parents, community, and our global community. Thinking of ways that I can effectively communicate with each of these group, there are several ways I can use technology to have a wide range of ways to display my classroom and keep people inform of the many activates we will be doing in class. Some ways that I can communicate is e-mail, class website pal, Skype, parent portal. I will also address internet safety and the precautions that will be taken to ensure you child will be safe
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