Academic Pressure Creates Stress On The Mind And Body

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School, homework, extracurricular activities, studying, sleep, then repeat. There is always that pressure of being a “well-rounded” student. A well-rounded student needs to be involved in athletics or an after school sport, commit to other activities like clubs or community service, and maintain an excellent GPA while still having time for a social life. Academic pressure creates stress on the mind and body, especially for high school students pursuing college. Many kids in school are being taught that there is success and there is failure with close to nothing in between. Straight A’s and no C’s or anything below that is what an average kid trying to get into a college hope for. Students in Advanced placement classes , or Academic Pressure classes if you prefer, aim for a GPA higher than a 4.0 meaning they put more stress on themselves. Last year as a sophomore I found myself always taking medication to get rid of headaches and migraines provoked by stress. I was in two AP classes, a grade higher math class than normal, participating in cheer for my high school, taking seven hours of dance throughout the week after school, and volunteering at my church every other weekend for food drives. In between all of that I had homework and studying to tend to. I did not end up with a 4.0 because balancing all that caused me to struggle. Now as a junior I decided one AP class was enough and I cut back on dance quite a bit. I feel pressure lifted off my shoulder although now there is…
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