Academic Report On Critical Success Factors And Critical

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Research School of Management T: 6125 6737/9839 E: ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET All pieces of assessment MUST have a SIGNED cover sheet attached before being placed in the School assignment boxes. Your course coordinator may provide an assignment coversheet. If not, please use this coversheet. DO NOT submit assignments in plastic binders or plastic sleeves and do not bind documents, unless requested by your lecturer. FAMILY NAME: RAMLY GIVEN NAME: RAIDAH STUDENT ID NUMBER: U5436288 COURSE CODE/NAME: MGMT 7169 / A MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK FOR BUSINESS PROJECTS TUTOR’S NAME: DANIEL MILLER TUTORIAL DAY AND TIME: TUESDAY / 5:00 PM ASSIGNMENT TOPIC: ACADEMIC REPORT ON CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS AND CRITICAL SUCCESSPROCESS OR ASSIGNMENT NO: ASSIGNMENT 1 WORD COUNT: 1814 WORDS DUE DATE: 20 SEPTEMBER 2014 DATE SUBMITTED: 20 SEPTEMBER 2014 Please Note: Assignments submitted after 5pm are recorded as being handed in the following day. Assignments handed in after 5pm on Friday are recorded as being received on Monday at 9am. I hereby confirm that the work contained in this assignment is solely my own, except for reliance on material that is identified and cited according to accepted academic practice. I understand that any form of plagiarism or dishonesty will be penalised. I confirm that I have kept a copy of my assignment. STUDENT SIGNATURE: DATE: office use only 1 A. Purpose The main purpose of this academic report is to discuss on how the Critical Success Factors
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