Academic Skills And Career Skills

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Skill concept is a characteristic or professionalism which is found in a person to perform a certain work or certain task with the limitation of time and as per Desire quality. For instance, a person who is skilled with speaking different languages and also understanding the meaning of different languages words. Another example is a person who can perform a work which cannot be done by other person perfectly. Action of work is a skin of the person. These skills are developed by those activities which we performed in our routine life. As per the requirement of the case I have to mention those activities which I have done in the classroom and have to mention those academic skills and career skills which have been improved by these class activities. Buy appearing in the classroom I have developed a lot of career skills along with academic skills. Academic skills includes the activities like reading, writing, listening,…show more content…
Preparation of thesis
In the classroom, I have given various tasks by the teachers which I have to do complete by researching regarding the subject matter and have to present the same before the teacher. During this activity, preparation of theses and writing work in a style as per requirement has been learnt by me with the coordination of teachers and by this activity. This classroom activity has become a cause of improving the academic and career skills.
2. Attending classroom
Early in the morning I have to appear in the classroom and attend all the lectures on the given time by School which make me as time abiding student. This punctuality has improved my academic as well as carrier skill.

3. Lecture
Special activity as the delivery of lecture by teachers to the students is an activity which develop various elements of academic as well as career skills. This activity has also become a cause of developing my own career skills along with academic skills.
4. English
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