Academic Study of Problem Solving and Thinking Related to Everyday Life

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Academic study of problem solving and thinking related to everyday life Every day individuals are faced with many different problems for example deciding what to wear, finding a suitable place to park your car or even completing an assignment. Whatever the problem is, ‘problem solving is defined as any goal-directed sequence of cognitive operations’, as suggested by Anderson (1980, p.257). There has been a vast amount of research on human problem solving which has provided a better understanding of the processes involved in problem solving. An evaluation of a range of theories related to human problem solving and thinking will be introduced such as information theory, transfer of learning and Gestalt theory and critiqued with examples…show more content…
Robertson, 2001 also suggested that information processing system is not realistic due to the reason that it involves prime levels of motivation and arousal, the knowledge of a guaranteed solution in the Tower of Hanoi can explain individuals motivation and arousal as they are trying to solve the problem although in another problem where the knowledge of solution is unclear fatigue and boredom can take affect which therefore also suggest that it cannot be applied to other solutions. Transfer of learning approach is another main topic in human problem solving; it outlines the influence of previous knowledge on solving a problem. An individual uses past situations and recalls the outcome of that situation and applies the knowledge to a similar problem they may face now. An example of this would be a person is getting late for work and parks their car near the office however receives a parking ticket although the outcome was negative they would use this experience to either leave home early to find a suitable space or to check next time if they are able to park in the space. Another example would be driving, a person driving will have drove a number of times however each time they drive they will encounter many different situations such as pedestrians walking out in the middle of the road, other vehicles speeding or the change of weather. However these situations will have been similarly experienced before and the driver will have skills like
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