Academic Success : A Student

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Academic Success

Academic Success
Tamara Thornton
Cheryl Jiles

Academic Success
As a student strive to move forward academic success and excellence, I will outline and discuss four major topics which are essential for any student to realize in order to achieve success in the field. Each topic will be briefly described with further two support points in favor of each underneath. The point is to explain what can propel a student toward realizing educational goals, achieving academic integrity by realizing its importance, efficient utilization of the university?s resources, maintain educational goals for self-development and the importance of writing process in advancing studies and career.
Personal Learning Style and its Advantages
A student must develop a personal learning style which effectively opens up different platforms of educational enrichment. My learning style ensures that all lectures and classes are attended with any pre-reading that must be done in order to learn comprehensively. This lets me gain an insight into any seminars or classes that I have to take and lets me probe deeper into aspects which require further study, analysis and dedication. Pre reading and any collection and perusal of data beforehand is always an advantage especially in Business studies and related subjects, as this allows a deeper understanding and further research. Also, I involve myself with a lot of post lecture or seminar research about the…
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