Academic Success : Career Goals

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Continuing Academic Success Continuing Academic Success remain beneficial to my life by reason of I hunger a better paying job to provide for my family and I realize studying strong and working hard will secure success in school and in life. The benefits of creating an educational goal remain as follows limitations of stress, focus on time management and lastly exceptional writing skills. Educational and career goals primarily focus on the ability to secure and maintain successful employment. A bachelor’s degree will help shelter my family in building a strong financial gain and a future for my children’s education. I desire to become a correctional officer and work diligently up the ranks, eventually become a supervisor and possibly warden of an adult facility, in addition to raising a growing family. Between raising a family and career challenging one’s self and actually ascending the corporate ladder requires diligence and dedication. I will continue to succeed amidst the help from entire family cheering me on. Setting educational goals requires willpower, gratification, greater income, and leadership advancement in your career. Throughout an education career a person must expect trials and tribulations; largely it becomes a learning experience for everyone involved. Cheerfully I continue to include my experience includes prior employment for a Juvenile Correctional facility as a corrections officer, I appreciate the dedication and the tough grind

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