Academic Success : Career Goals

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Academic Success

Educational success is important if you want to reach the goals for a successful career in life. This course was beneficial in helping to reach the educational success need to prepare for your career. The first lesson learned is your learning style to help become successful. Even though one style of learning is only needed to succeed, learning different styles of learning will give you greater success. This essay will explain what was learned and how it will be applied in taking responsibility to reach academic goals as well as career goals in life, like setting educational goals, planning and organizing, the different styles of learning, using resources and academic integrity to become a master student. Learning your style of learning will help you succeed. “According to Sternberg and Grigorenko (op.cit. : 702), there are three main motivations for the interest in the study of styles: ‘providing a link between cognition and personality; understanding, predicting, and improving educational achievement; and improving vocational selection, guidance, and possibly, placement” (Hatami, 2013). When individuals learn their learning style it create within them confidence in learning, because learning becomes easier, the individual learn faster and it’s enjoyable. Once individuals develop in their learning skills, it time to set education goals. To reach these goals one have to apply S.M.A.R.T. to their academic goals, which means specific, measurable,

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