Academic Success Of African American Students Athletes

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Research Review When looking at the topic of academic success of African American student athletes you need to look at all the factors involved. The problems that African American student athletes face are much the same that all African American students at higher education institutions face but the student athletes have other stressors that the normal students do not have. Such as In addition to the daily student routine (attending classes, going to the cafeteria, and participating in social events), student athletes also have their sport-related activities (practicing every day, visiting the athletic trainer for injury treatment, traveling for away games, studying team plays) (Watt, Moore 2001). To fully understand where these struggles stem from you need to be fully aware of the cultural influences that African American students face. As African American males grow older they face the unfortunate reality of being the only group in the United States experiencing a decline in life expectancy (Noguera 2003). With a fact like this looming over the head of African American student athletes it becomes easy for one to see why African American male student athletes place such and emphases on playing professional sports (Zeiser 2009). They see the gain from professional sports being immediate and the gains from academia being a longer process. “There is considerable evidence that the ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds of students have bearing on how students are perceived
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