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Continuing Academic Success Kasey E Marsh II Gen/200 3/1/2015 Susie Holiday Continuing Academic Success The end is near to my first class at the University of Phoenix. As I continue on with my education, I would like to have great academic success. Academic success can be achieved by being aware of one’s goals, the writing process and the importance of critical thinking skills. By knowing these things, I believe my academic success will be achievable. Goals Setting goals in life is the key to my success. I feel that without goals the task you do in life has little to no purpose. “A goal is whatever an individual is striving to accomplish in their life”(Alispahić, n.d., p. 197). There is a lot I would…show more content…
According to Kolb, Longest, and Jensen (2013) just spending more time at a keyboard will not make one a better writer. The best method would be to change one's practices and strategies to become a better writer. An example that was used was that best swimmers were not precisely the ones who swam the most but the one who switched it up and would work on the little things. So to become a better I plan to adapt to the writing process. Sources An enormous part that will help my chances of academic success will be the sources the University of Phoenix has to offer. A source, in particular that will help my educational success is the center for writing excellence. This source helps a lot because I have never done papers in APA before. Also, the paper reviewing services helps a lot as well to check for plagiarism and grammar mistakes. I normally don’t have a problem with math but if I need assistance the center for mathematics excellence is at my disposal. When it comes to my career, the careers page will be valuable. I have already used it to improve my resume. Furthermore, it will also aid me in building a cover letter, how to conduct myself in an interview and on networking. Another source that will benefit my success is the university's massive library. It is perfect for any research I might be considering. Phoenix connect, is also a great resource for networking. I have been told it shouldn't matter who you know to get a job, but
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