Academic Success Videos : Sleep And The College Student

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"Academic Success Videos: Sleep and the College Student." Academic Success Videos: Sleep and the College Student. Dartmouth University, 22 July 2011. Web. 24 Feb. 2016. .
This source was produced by The Media Production Group at Dartmouth and Dr. Carl P. Thum, Director of the Dartmouth Academic Skills Center. Carl Thum himself works with students at Dartmouth University in which he provides coaching for students suffering from ADD and also leads various workshops, mini-courses, and coaching sessions for students as well. In this video, several students and faculty members are interviewed on the relationship between sleep and being a college student. In the various interviews, the students admit to the struggles they have in being able to function when suffering from sleep deprivation and how severely the lives are affected from it. The faculty members themselves admit to the several instances in which they have witnessed students suffer as a result of sleep deprivation in their testimonials. I will be incorporating this video to indicate the varying degrees at which sleep deprivation can affect students and will include quotes from other students in this video in order to create more relatability for the reader when hearing from students besides myself and how they have learned to address sleep.
Hershner, Shelley D., and Ronald D. Chervin. "Causes and Consequences of Sleepiness among College Students." Nature and Science of Sleep. Dove Medical Press, 23 June 2014. Web.
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