Academic Theories On The Founder 's Characteristic

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Academic theories on the founder’s characteristic
Economist’s theory
From Schumpeter’s theory, Goodman didn’t seem to match any of the entrepreneur’s traits. Early in 1939, rather than being creative destruction, he took a proven path of following popular trends in movies and television. It was proven to be a success by hitting tremendous sale for his first publishes. Rather than destroy establish market, Goodman’s company worked their way up to the top, together with their rival, DC comic. However, Goodman and his team have the ability to create and exploit new ideas. For instance, they created newly naturalistic comics, in which superheroes behaved like ordinary people rather than noble archetypes. It was a huge impact and the
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In addition, Goodman and his team believed they are responsible for their own destiny and having a strong locus of control (Rotter 1966). In facts, Marvel 's comics are well known for focusing on characterization profoundly than most superhero comics before them. Goodman made these publications happened. His business approach comprised of having numerous comic books and magazines published by a number of corporations. He then analyzed the market demand, paying his artists to create relevant content in order to stay focus on market’s need.
Sociologist’s theory
Sociologists described entrepreneurs as practitioners seeking in navigate the environment they are in. The magazines published by Goodman have a varying corporate name. For instance it evolved from Timely Comics, Atlas to Marvel Entertainment. He never stayed still from the time he owned the company. He changed the formats and titles of publications with wild abandon, supposedly to improve the sale which was on margin. Resources of the company
Key people
Timely Comics:
The company had their first true editor, Joe Simon which was previously a cartoonist and Fox editor, in partnership with Jack Kirby for new comic collaboration. They created the patriotic superhero, the Captain America and released with over a million copies.
The widely recognized former chairman of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee
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