Academic Writing Analysis Example

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The essay aims to persuade the audience (i.e. tutor) against human cloning and expresses the author’s lack of competency in presenting his arguments. Based on the channel chosen to convey his message, the essay is, to a large extent, an ineffective piece of academic writing upon evaluation of its content, language and organization of arguments. This essay critique analyses and evaluates the above points. One of the essay problems includes the poorly developed thesis statement at the end of the 1st paragraph. The thesis statement did not provide a prelude of the specific arguments that are in the essay. Instead, the two points presented in the thesis, which are the high risks and costs involved in human cloning, were…show more content…
The content is unsuccessful in conveying its purpose to the audience while inappropriate language usage resulted in noise and an informal tone, which is uncharacteristic of an academic writing. Lastly, the organization of the essay provided some merits but the overall essay unity was not achieved. Hence, the essay is a piece of ineffective academic writing to a large extent but can be improved on if the above points are taken into
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