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Peet’s Coffee & Tea Coffee culture is the “art of enjoying coffee in a relaxing atmosphere” (Elton, par.1). Coffee had been Americans favourite beverage since yearly years. Coffee might not be so popular without Starbucks chains which represents the American coffee culture (Elton, par.1). However, Alfred Peet introduced first gourmet coffee in America before Starbucks was established (“Starbucks”). Alfred Peet was born and grew up in Holland, where his father had a coffee business (“International Directory”). After the Second World War, Peet moved to Indonesia where he worked and learned the tea trade (“International Directory”). When he came to America, he understood how poor was the coffee quality in America even
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Furthermore, Peet’s customer service is always available to help customers with online ordering difficulties or answer their questions (Boone and Kurtz 308). Moreover, Peet’s Coffee & Tea Inc. highly focused on product quality. They always serve fresh product made of the best beans and maintain friendly communication with consumers (Boone and Kurtz 308). Relationship with partners is equally important to Peet as relationship with customers (O’Dea). As O’Dea said, Peet’s Coffee is very selective about the partners they chose. They like to partner with people “who are looking to make a statement about the quality of coffee” that they produce and sell to customers (“Peet’s Coffee”). Not only does Peet’s Coffee maintain a strong relationship with its cumstomers, the relationship between employer and employee is trustworthy and respectful (“International Directory”). Peet teached his employers how to roast beans to make best coffees, and roasters “know exactly what Peet’s coffee should taste like” (Boone and Kurtz 308). According to Peet’s view, the group of employer, who roast beans, tastes the tea, pack and ships products to customer, is “the most valuable recource” (Boone and Kurtz 308). Peet’s Coffee interviewed new applicants twice because to avoid the theft problem and “poor

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