Academic Writing Styles

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(Elton, 2010) adds that because academic writing may defer from discipline to discipline, instructors in schools have a duty to express their expectations of students’ writing while students on the other hand should act on it.

Academic writing is logical

The student’s work needs to have a introduction, the body and the conclusion. The introduction gives a background to the topic and one could include interesting facts and quotations. It is important to outline the main ideas that are in the body. The student then discusses the main points in the body. This is done in paragraphs which should be well structured to give a coherent argument. The conclusion is the final paragraph and must briefly summarise every idea discussed in the body.

Other’s works
Academic writing builds on what others have done on the same subject. A student therefore needs to base his work on his own ideas as well as what others have done and thought about, however, students should take care not to get lost in another scholar’s voice but should instead incorporate the information so as to maintain the novelty of his argument. (Hampton, 2014) states that another scholar’s work should be fully acknowledged by accurate citation.

Academic writing is objective
Academic writing is objective (A. De Montfort University Website, 2014) states that one needs to write in the third person and avoid…
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