Academics vs Extracurricular Activities

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Chapter I INTRODUCTION Background of the Study School is a second home for students; the first thing that comes up in one’s mind when they think of it is all about academic performance. But school is not just about studying; it is also a place to get along with other people. They can do many things here. That’s why inside of it, organizations were built, wherein it organizes activities in which it became an instruments to find new friends and to learn new things. With these extra-curricular activities, it can also help an individual to enhance one’s talents. Generally, according to second year accounting students of San Beda College, extra-curricular activities has a big impact when it comes to their academic performance like their time…show more content…
Researchers do believe that this research will help students to motivate them to join extra-curricular organizations without the doubt that it may affect their academic performances. Chapter II THEORETICAL AND CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK This chapter presents all the related literatures and studies, which serves as a foundation for the completion of this study. The theories and topics discussed here were articles that tackle about the Positive Effects of Extra-Curricular Activities in the studies of the 2nd year Accountancy students of San Beda College and other topics related to this. There is a saying that says, “You cannot serve to two maestros at the same time.” But this one should not always be true. How can you excellently perform two tasks from different world? Is your schedule gives you ways to perform multi-tasking? Time management, is what you need to learn from the very beginning. According to Mckown H. (1952), in his book “Extra-Curricular Activities”, the objectives of having extra-curricular activities were: to maximize the use of the importance and the benefits of studying, to prepare students in an active lifestyle in the democracy, to learn an individual from their own capabilities, to learn how to deal and interact with other people, to increase the interests of a student in school, to enhance the morality in school, to enrich the importance of the law and to discover and enhance ones skills and abilities. From the article of Mark

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