Academy Award Essay

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An Academy Award is a very prestigious award. In order to even be nominated, you have to have been voted for 100 times. After the first film is nominated, “The counting continues, and actors or different categories rack up redistributed votes until all five spots are filled.” ( If the voter doesn’t fill all five spots on the ballot, it ends up being voided after there are no more selections on it. After the nominations are made, in order to win the film or person has to be voted on by the academy. Each member is allowed to vote only once in each category. If they don’t fully understand the category or haven’t seen all the films in the category, they are discouraged from voting. The ballots that are received by the academy are still hand counted.…show more content…
It takes 3 months to manufacture 50 statues. The statue itself is a knight holding a crusaders sword. It stands on top of a reel of film, which has five spokes that represent the original branches of the Academy. The designer of this iconic trophy is Cedric Gibbons, chief art director at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The sculptor is George Stanley, an artist from Los Angeles. “The statuettes presented at the initial ceremonies were gold-plated solid bronze. Within a few years the bronze was abandoned in favor of Britannia metal, a pewter-like alloy which is then plated in copper, nickel silver, and finally, 24-karat gold. Due to a metal shortage during World War II, Oscars were made of painted plaster for three years. Following the war, the Academy invited recipients to redeem the plaster figures for gold-plated metal ones.” ( It weighs 8 ½ pounds, and is 13 ½ inches tall. Not only do you have to get through the academy to win an Oscar, the film has to meet certain
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