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Academy Website Reaction Paper The Academy is doing a phenomenal job in representing its members in the public arena. Its advocacy serves two primary objectives: to enhance the status and role of the Dietetics profession and to improve the health of the public. This advocacy is crucial to the profession because they are providing a voice for all Registered Dietitians and Dietetic Technicians, Registered, to be recognized as the leading nutrition experts in the field and place an importance on employing them in a variety of healthcare settings. The Public Policy Priority Areas include consumer, community, and professional issues, providing a nice framework on what public policy issues need to be addressed by the Academy. It paves the way to conduct gap analyses on what position topics need to be addressed in the future to help provide the rationale to include Academy services in legislation and public policy. The way I see it, the Academy in its entirety works as a team to bring forth a healthy America with its members at the forefront of care. It is so refreshing to know that the Academy is also working on several issues to enhance reimbursement for members. Although this is a tedious process and takes providing evidenced-based research and position papers, it is an issue all members can contribute to while in practice to create a financially-sound and promising field in the future. I am proud to be a member of the Academy and cannot wait to be a leader in the nutrition

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