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Pittman 1 University of Nipissing The expulsion of the Acadians in the Eyes of the British Officials Miranda Pittman 0574359 HIST 1405 Dr. Darren Ferry Tuesday October 16, 2012 Pittman 2 Charles Lawrence, Governor of the province of Nova Scotia made the decision of deporting the Acadians and his major superiors thought it was an intelligent dispatch [...] (Griffiths, 128). There are many different reasons to why the British Officials went through with this deportation. The British Officials conducted the expulsion of the Acadians between 1755 and 1758 from Nova Scotia. The Acadians were not fully trusted and became an obstacle for the British Officials to take full control of Nova Scotia. The British Officials wanted to…show more content…
This was one reason why the British conducted the expulsion of Pittman 4 the Acadians because they could not have full control over them. The British Officials wanted the Acadians to be loyal subjects to the King and be under their control. ‘The essence of the administration’s position became clear: the Acadians were told that their loyalty and obedience could best be properly demonstrated by ‘their immediately taking the Oath of Allegiance in the Commons from before the Council [...], he based his opinions upon the question of their loyalty as subjects, rather than upon their position as aliens (Griffiths, 126-127). The British Officials wanted in ensure the Acadians were on their side and signing the Oath would prove to the British Officials that they were. The British thought they Acadians were a threat because they would not fall under their command. The British demanded the Acadians to take this oath because it would also ensure the Acadians would not take up arms against the British Empire. ‘The legal argument over the link between the oath of the allegiance and the rights of the Acadians as British had little import for the immediate circumstances’ (Griffiths, 127). The British gave the Acadians a chance to stay in Nova Scotia by agreeing to the Oath, but the Acadians turned down that offer. Coming to these conclusions, the British Officials thought it would be best to follow through with the removal of the
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