Acc 201 Final Project Part II Bank Memo

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ACC 201 Final Project Part II Bank Memo
Vanessa Williams
Southern New Hampshire University

To: Wells Fargo Bank ( Personal Banker )
From: Vanessa
Subject: Requesting to receive funds to expand “ Peyton Approve Company “
My dog Peyton has severe allergies , which affected him to not use any store – bought dog treats. Peyton allergic reation to dog treats had inspire me to start my own business to make all natural and hypoallergenic dog treats for any dogs who suffer from severe allergies . “ Peyton Approve “ company was established in 2005 and has been around 10 years with booming sales . To expand my doggy treat business to be moresuccessful, it would be best to open up a dog treat bakery . The only problem that’s holding me back from opening up the bakery is not having enough money . This memo will discuss the importants of why my business is ready to receive it’s own bakery by analyzing the accountant reports to show in numbers of how well my store can handle paying expenses , debts , while operating a business .
Overview of the Company’s Accounting System
“ Peyton Approve “ uses accrual basis to recognize the company revenues and expenses in the financial statement . Accural basis helps the compay to verify revenue when collected and expenses when payoff are consumed .Peyton Approve will use accrual basis to record at regular intervals . Accural also come in handy to help our company financial statements to be audit to make sure the accouting process…

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