Acc/300 Week One Accounting Equation

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The accounting equation is, Assets are equal to Liabilities plus Stockholders’ Equity. Assets are resources owned by a business. Liabilities are the debts and obligations of the business. Liabilities represent claims of creditors on the assets of a business. Stockholders’ equity represents the claims of owners on the assets of the business. This equity is divided into two parts: common stock and retained earnings. The balance sheet reports assets and claims to assets at one specific point in time. Claims to assets are subdivided into two categories: claims of creditors and claims of owners. The accounting equation must always balance. Each transaction has a dual effect on the equation. As an example if an individual asset is increased,…show more content…
An obligation that legally binds an individual or company to settle a debt. When one is liable for a debt, they are responsible for paying the debt or settling a wrongful act they may have committed. For example, if John hits Jane 's car, John is liable for the damages to Jane 's vehicle because John is responsible for the damages. In the case of a company, a liability is recorded on the balance sheet and can include accounts payable, taxes, wages, accrued expenses, and deferred revenues. Current liabilities are debts payable within one year, while long-term liabilities are debts payable over a longer period.

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1. For a company, this is the total amount of money received by the company for goods sold or services provided during a certain time period. It also includes all net sales, exchange of assets; interest and any other increase in owner 's equity and is calculated before any expenses are subtracted. Net income can be calculated by subtracting expenses from revenue. In terms of reporting revenue in a company 's financial statements, different companies consider revenue to be received, or "recognized", different ways. For example, revenue could be recognized when a deal is signed, when the money is received, when the services are provided, or at other times. There are rules specifying when revenue should be recognized in different

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