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Assignment 1: Partnership vs. Corporation
Due Week 7 and worth 240 points
Use the partnership and corporate tax returns for the practice sets titled, “Pet Kingdom” and “ROCK the Ages, LLC” that you prepared in Weeks 3 and 5 in order to complete this assignment.
Write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you: 1. Compare and contrast the tax rules and treatment applicable to corporations and partnerships. Indicate the major way in which the tax treatment affects the shareholders or partners. The tax rules for a corporation are taxed at a different level than the various business structures. Corporations are the only business structure that are required to pay its own income taxes based on the profits received. The corporation
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A partnership is the creation of two or more people who operate a business as co-owners and share profits. There is a collective amount of money that is contributed to the organization as it pertains to all aspect of the business and in return each individual share equally the profits and losses of the business. Partnerships require that there be a partnership agreement established because more than one person can make decisions for the partnership. The agreement should include how future business decisions will be made, the profits will be split among the partners, and the dissolving of the partnership ( The partnership must file an annual information return that reports income, deductions, gains, and losses that occur from normal business operations. The business does not pay income taxes but the business pass through any profits and losses to its partners. Taxes that are included in a partnership are: employment tax, excise tax, annual return of income, income tax, self-employment tax, and estimated tax. Other qualifications of a partnership is that partners must furnish a copy of their Schedule K-1 form to all the partners by the date of the Form. It is important to remember that partners are not employees and they are not to be issued a W-2 Form. 2. Explain at least two (2) reasons why a business owner might opt to become a partnership over a corporation. Provide support for your rationale. According to Eric Feigenbaum of Demand Media, gives
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