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The knowledge and understanding that we want for each of the eight categories is as follows:

|Category |Knowledge and understanding needed |
|Industry conditions |Is the overall music industry growing or shrinking? |
| |What is the demand for on-line music? |
| |Is the music industry cyclical or seasonal? |
| |What is the state of production technology currently being used by the
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| |What capacity do they have and what prices do they charge? |
| |Are they similar to HipStar or better, in terms of technology? |
| |Are HipStar's products superior than that of the competition, or otherwise? |
| |Are competitors gaining or loosing by using CDs/DVDs to distribute music? |
|The entity's business operations |What are the core products of HipStar? |
| |What market is it trying to attract? |
| |From which sources (paypal, credit/debit card) does the revenue come? |
| |Does the entity have alliances with any other e-music provider? |
| |What is HipStar doing in terms of finding new talent? |
| |Who are the key customers and suppliers of the

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