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Acc 5 Computer Information System Brief Elliott Mathieson ACC/542 January 13, 2013 Willard Berry Computer Information System Brief Kudler’s Fine Foods is a small to medium size business that specializes in gourmet foods throughout the San Diego Metropolitan Area. To operate the business efficiently, Kudler uses Retail Enterprise Management System (REMS) to implement the necessary operating for all of the business the Kudler conducts. Like many small to medium size organizations entering in the complicated world of business, they needed to hire a consulting firm to guide them for the appropriate Retail management system for their respective business use. This consulting firm, Smith Consulting, also was contracted annually to…show more content…
Implementing Decision support system (DSS) can benefit greatly in a business and strengthen the bond to its customers and its employees. For instance, Kudler would benefit greatly with the usage of a DSS to its advertisement team because allowing what-if analysis could grow the business remarkably. Having other support systems in place, such as for the supply chain and human resources, allows for management to effectively manage more business procedures online and reduce overall paper, gather better information for decisions and makes the organization to gain a competitive advantage (O & Marakas, 2008). Of course, better IT resources help immensely, but if the Kudler’s ambition is to grow further than just the San Diego County, then a full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system may be the ultimate tool needed to grow (O & Marakas, 2008). Acquiring SAP Can give you a competitive advantage. For example, Companies in India recently looked at the cost/benefits of using an ERP system, like SAP or Oracle. The results that they found were extremely impressive. Overall, they concluded that Using ERP could lower procurement cost, drastically improve productivity, eliminating personnel and reducing the cost of IT overall (Annamalai, 2011). One of main reasons to upgrade for Kudler is its lack of security. Kudler mentions that its IT is flawed with this respect, but this is understandable due to their current technology. Upgrading to a secure ERP

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