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DQ#1 - What are some of the software suites and business application software packages that you have experience using? What are some of the features of the applications in those suites and packages? How is information generated in the individual programs stored? O’Brien and Marakas indicated that “the major uses of information systems for the operations, management, and competitive advantage of a business” (O 'Brien & Marakas, 2008, p. 8). The software suite that I use on a daily bases and that I am most familiar with is the MS Office. I constantly use Outlook to schedule meetings, plan out my day, interact with employees, etc. I do various presentations throughout the organization and within my department, so PowerPoint comes in…show more content…
I do various presentations throughout the organization and within my department, so PowerPoint comes in handy. I use excel for planning purposes, to store data, uncover trends, etc. At my previous employer, the accounting firm used Sage Peachtree to track providers with overdue payments. This allowed our department to track payment plans, convey to providers when a payment was not received, and to show how much was outstanding overall for all providers. This gave our company an overview on the funds we collected throughout the year and the funds still outstanding so we can contact the providers in order to collect the funds that were overpaid. Sage Peachtree was used to store provider information for billing intentions to collect on overpaid funds from the state. Using this system effectively allowed our company to examine and estimate our projected payments and earnings. Peachtree was used weekly to generate a report to find out which providers were 30 to 60 days and approaching 90 days past due. This allowed our company to decide what collection letters to send regarding past due payments. When I used the software, it was an older version dating back to 2003 and Sage Peachtree Pro Accounting 2012 software is available now. According to, it appears the newest Sage Peachtree Pro Accounting software has more features and tools for one to use in tracking business needs. The new 2012 product allows the user to track inventory control, business

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