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ACC 700 Milestone two Newham Company Click Link Below To Buy: The second milestone is a rough draft of the second artifact for your professional portfolio, a sample audit. The sample audit will consist of three main parts:the business risk analysis, the sample audit program, and the report of recommendations. Thiswill be graded using the rubric at the end of this document and is an opportunity for you to organize your thoughts and receive feedback from your instructor for the final submission. Note that the submission guidelines for this milestone are less demanding than those for the final submission. Once you have submitted this milestone and receivedfeedback from…show more content…
Charges to customer accounts should be dated with the date of shipment. Sales invoices are prepared in batches on a daily basis using numbered sales invoices. Sales invoice numbers are automatically generated by the company’s computer system. The accounts receivable clerk does not have appropriate computer rights to override the computer-generated invoice number. Upon preparing sales invoices, the accounts receivable clerk verifies that the first invoice number of the batch is consistent with the last invoice number of the previous batch. Inconsistencies or skipped sales invoice numbers are investigated and resolved before new sales invoices are prepared. The items shipped are compared to the items billed for proper quantity, price, and other sales order terms. The accounting department supervisor compares and reconciles a copy of the daily sales invoice batch report to the daily accounts posting report indicating the individual accounts. The daily account posting report is prepared and sent by the accounts receivable department. Discrepancies are investigated and resolved to help assure that the customer subsidiary accounts are posted for the same total amount posted to the control account. Cash Disbursements All disbursements are made by check, signed by the controller. Artifact Two: Sample Audit Program Your second portfolio artifact will be theprofessional audit program based on PCAOB audit standards that you create for Newham, an

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