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Question 1-Describe an occasion on which you had to demonstrate ethical behaviour
When I was an attaché ,I was given the tasks of handling a tender for heavy vehicle tyres. One of the prospective suppliers offered to take me out for dinner to discuss the tender. At first , I thought it was a genuine call but after careful consideration, I realised that this was going to corner me and affect my independence in deciding whom to award the tender as he later called me offering a bribe. I politely turned down the offer as it was going to violate the independence ethical principle.

I later realised that the
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This could also have led to our business licence being revoked as we are in the strictly regulated food industry.


What experience have you had in dealing in non financial risks?

Information systems
I have been involved in setting security controls over the control and usage of the information systems by regularly changing passwords, restricting physical access to our network server
Compliance risk
I have been involved in developing internal controls to ensure that we comply with all legislations. For instance in liaison with the health and safety officer, we recommend measures to reduce work place accidents by arranging training programmes and seeking the advice of experts especially for plant set up just to ensure that it is in line with regulations.

Using an experience in your workplace explain how have you ensured that the risk was correctly dealt with.
Information systems backups were being done regularly but there were being kept online and there were risks that if the building caught fire us could be left without any backup to restore our operations. I came up with a disaster recovery plan and ensured that all backups where kept offsite at our sister company.

How did your organisation benefits from your actions
The company benefited a lot by the disaster recovery plan as all system

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