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[pic] OBU RESEARCH ANALYSIS PROJECT TOPIC 17: The quality of the corporate governance within an organization and the impact on an organization’s key stakeholders. STUDENT NAME: ARSLAN AHMED TARIQ. ACCA REGISTRATION NUMBER: 2096314 WORD COUNT: LIST OF CONTENTS |SNO |Description |Page Number | | |INTRODUCTION, AIMS AND OBJECTIVES |3 - 6 | | |INFORMATION GATHERING |7 – 11 | |…show more content…
The reason for fairly easier access is because of an international presence of my respective organization. For example just typing British Telecom (BT) on the Google, you almost come across 11 million search result, similarly searching for corporate governance at British Telecom, you will get about 2.91 million search results. Thus, there is plenty of information available but the important task was to finalize the information, on the basis of quality and reliability along with updated information. The information helped me performing a quality of analysis on the corporate governance principles at British Telecom (BT). Following are the sources from which I have gathered the information. British Telecom (BT) official website The official web site is the most credible and reliable source of getting the information. The official website of British Telecom (BT) contains a separate section for company’s information which includes the section of corporate governance, which helped me in getting the information regarding topic. Financial reporting council website I

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