Accelerate Bridge Student Proposal

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Student Proposal for Permission to Accelerate Bridge: B.S. to M.S. in Organizational Leadership Program

My future goals and interest in the future are to create and maintain a childcare facility/ ranch/ academy, based on a Highscope Holistic Approach working as a partner with the public and at need society. My interest in a career in leadership stems from my life experiences. Education and experiences thus far have prepared me for the next step toward my goal. I am the second oldest in a blended, mixed, diverse family of ten; Multicultural and multiethnic. When my mother met my step dad at my age of being three and later married my step dad at my age of being eleven, I became the seventh oldest of fifteen. But somehow I still took on the
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I eagerly offered and began working in the home as a physical therapist assistant and an in-home care provider. Along with cooking, cleaning, chaperoning, monitoring, tutoring, mentoring and guiding my siblings through the day I also made sure the bills were paid and that there was an income to at least match the outcome. I was making money budgeting and delegating in the home and out of the home. All this while trying to maintain my perfect attendance, honor roll, mesa, girl scouts, and teacher's assistant, office assistant, helper, etc. I would ask for extra homework for the weekends and cry on the last day of school. I would look for summer school programs, and pretend like i was the teacher toward all my siblings as soon as we went home. I would adopt all the animals that were stray and homely off of the street into our yard and house with food, love and treats, I would create and run a whole facility of make believe reality for all of my siblings and our neighboring community. In 7th grade at Rio Tierra junior high in sacramento Ca i was awarded student of the year for the whole school, i won the science award and the Acum De La Cloud, for winning the science fair as well as being a 4.0+ A++ student. I went through a million bad experiences throughout my life homeless shelters, tents, cars, backyards, abuse,…show more content…
I enjoyed school the whole way through. Senior year I moved to the bay area with my dad, and attended San leandro High where I worked as a kindergarten teacher's assistant as well as walked to two jobs as a CSR at Marshalls and a Sales specialist at Mikasa. My mom passed away of cancer at age 42, when I was 20, and I dedicated some time to my siblings. Two years later I started/ continued on my personal pursuits again as a student, mother and employee. I volunteered at the American River College Child Care facility, and did my training with head start before deciding to take a position developing under privileged preschools for almost five years. And being My daughter's preschool teacher for all of her preschool years. I finished my ECE and AA degrees, and pursued my goals further choosing, applying and attending Union Institute and University since March, Winter session 2
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