Accelerating Performance of Business Enterprises through Modern Technology Devices

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Accelerating Performance Business Enterprise Modern Technology Devices

Business is often at the forefront of technology since it helps generate the next great economic idea or surge. Most businesses now use, at the very least, a personal computer, modem or cable connection, the Internet, and printers. They keep customer records electronically, and are better able to find ways to serve the needs of their current and future customers. Companies can outsource customer service, order lines, or even programming and technology, saving between 30-70 percent of in-house costs. E-Mail and the Internet have shrunk the world so that businesses of all sizes can have global customers. In addition, the efficiency of order entry, inventory control, and supply chain integration make it more cost-effective to do business in many areas. We should not forget marketing databases keep track of customer desires, past purchases, and even what customers look at on a web site algorithms can then generate lists of similar or ancillary products and services, creating a more robust experience and relationship with the client (Wilson, 1999). Global business, the bread and butter of several of today's emerging enterprises, brings executives into head to head contact with other executives of completely diverse cultural backgrounds. It has become obvious that individuals of different cultures are having additional issues communicating efficiently than they are with those from identical cultures.
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