Accenture Case Analysis

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Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company with over 129,000 employees in 48 countries with over $15.5 billion in net revenues in 2005. Accenture was formerly know as Arthur Anderson and started conducting business under the name Accenture on January 1, 2001. Accenture is a Bermuda holding company with subsidiary, Accenture SCA, a Luxemburg partnership limited by shares. The Comp SCA. Accenture operates its business through subsidiaries of Accenture SCA ( Committed to delivering innovation, Accenture collaborates with its clients to help them become high-performance businesses and…show more content…
The use case for the enhancing Accenture's website by adding audio/video capabilities provides the clients/visitors to view the webpage. How internal and external stakeholders will be affected by the new solutions Internal- Accenture's employee's/sub-contractor's, after completing the web-based training program. The results of the program will be measured by how employees perform in their duties, and only time will tell if the program is a success. External- The training program could lose the support of management, if the program does not show any tangible results. The programs funding could be stopped, or the budget will be cut. However if the program is a success, leadership will be pleased, and could allocate more resources to the training program. Business and Security Risk Assessment The business risks for this project could be wasting money on programs that are not very effective, in enhancing employee performance, or
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