Accenture's Strategy And Analytical Capabilities

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1. Hard to Duplicate - Accenture 's strategy and analytical capabilities is hard to duplicate by its competitors. For example Accenture has launched the Accenture Insights platform, a cloud based, end-to-end analytics solution designed to simplify analytics and deliver real time actionable insights to businesses for a competitive advantage. Comprised of an integrated suite of leading technologies, consumption-based commercial arrangements, and enterprise support, the platform is a flexible Analytics-as-a-Service solution designed to help a range of business users, from the C-suite to data scientists, make data-driven decisions that can solve business issues and create new opportunities. The Accenture Insights Platform can increase an organization’s speed to insight, decision-making and business outcomes. The platform has a preconfigured, industrialized end-to-end architecture that typically can be provisioned within 24 hours and generate initial actionable analytics insights in weeks, as opposed to conventional approaches that can take months. Centralized cloud management capabilities are provided via the Accenture Cloud Platform, a multi-cloud management platform. 2. Uniqueness - There is no single path to follow to become an analytic competitor, and the way every company uses analytics is unique to its strategy and market position. Accenture 's use of analytics has always been unique to acquire the market position. Accenture, in telecommunication industry uses bundle

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