Accenture's War for Talent in India

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Mobile Health Care in India MBA Iris 2013 Business with India Zippy, Hanna, Dima, Avi, January 26, 2013 Table of Contents 1 Overview 3 1.1 What is at the stake 3 1.2 Competition is about killing your competition 4 1.3 The killer instincts 5 2 Building Strong Brand via Advertizing, Promotion and Public Relationships 7 3 Market Expansion 9 3.1 New Opportunities Created enables frontiers expansion. 9 4 Summary 10 Overview What is at the stake Some fact about India: * India population count ~1.2 Billion people. * 20% of the population lives in urban areas, 80% lives in rural areas. * Upper class in less than 5% of the population, mid-class is ~ 15%. *…show more content…
(see SWOT below) Since our competition had mediocre technology, there was no need to invest in a cutting edge product in order to win the market in the short run. Another important point was to gain a critical users mass. We understood that any user that would decide to use our product would increase the probability that others will, since troubleshooting knowledge sharing is a critical aspect any user carefully considers. If your colleagues are using ‘A‘ tool to share knowledge you would not switched to ‘B’ tool. The strategy we have developed aimed to create a clear competitive advantage that would create a game change in this market that is possible for us to maintain over time and control it. Quoting Michael E. Porter in her book Competitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance: “Competitive advantage is the essential companion to the competitive strategy. While competitive strategy concentrates on the industry, competitive advantage concentrates on the firm” This quotation stresses the great importance of the compensative advantage regardless the different strategies one can decide of. The following are the main points of the SWOT analysis done four years ago vs. our internal competition. Note: SWOT done per the external competition is not mentioned in details in this paper. There is a similarity on some points in the internal and external competition SWOT. For further details, see attached

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