Accenture's Work-Life Balance Programs

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Case Study: Accenture's Work-Life Balance Programs Case Study Questions 1. Diversity competency involves the knowledge, abilities, and skills to value organizational, group, and individual characteristics while embracing such attributes as prospective sources of productivity and distinctiveness. In the case of Accenture’s work-life balance initiatives, an environment of inclusion is fostered with people who hold characteristics diverse from themselves. This is achieved through the Lifeworks program, a free and private resource offering information on a broad range of topics that include health coaching, access to experts in financial and legal matters as well as ergonomic evaluations. In addition, the Future Leave initiative offers…show more content…
However, she then realized she had an option to take up future leave. During the one month leave, Tserng believed it was the best thing she ever did for her family. Tserng also takes responsibility for managing herself and career over time and through stressful circumstances. Before taking her maternity leave, Tserng was managing her career as she earned a promotion. This means she was working hard and performing to the required level to earn a promotion. Additionally, Tserng is able to manage both her career and herself at stress times after learning that her planned baby-sitter changed plans just after her leave. This is evident in that Tserng managed to take responsibility of her personal life and career by taking up future leave to manage her personal and family matters, which is an attribute of self competency. 3. The change competency involves knowledge, skills, and abilities to identify and employ required adaptations in the workforce, tasks, structures, strategies, or technologies. In this case, the main key attribute illustrated is diagnosing pressure for and resistance to change in certain situations such as organizational culture or technologies. Accenture conducted internal surveys that discovered time was highly valued by employees of all ages. About 85% of the employees surveyed believed their job satisfaction would rise considerably, given extra location and time flexibility. Moreover, 65% indicated that
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