Acceptance Of Gay Rights And Gender Roles

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Acceptance is the key to a successful society. Acceptance of gay rights and gender roles are constantly changing. Over time new problems are introduced to the world and new solutions will be developed to solve the problem. The solution, to the problem, will be given through the media. Media is classified as books, newspapers, radio, television, and the Internet. Authors of different media devices try to send a message to society through media. The way individuals interpret the information is based on individuality. The intent of the author is to influence society. In the article “A Simulation of the Impact of Media on Social Cohesion” explains the different behaviors and attitudes media can influence, “Time spent watching television influences pro-social and anti-social behavior, racial and gender attitudes and ideas about appropriate sex roles by providing compelling messages for children about social approval for roles of males and females of all ages” (Stocker, Cornforth, and Green 349). When trying to understand the message of media one should ask what is the author’s intent of producing the media? Society has to influence media in order for media to influence society. Both sides influence each other but media-influencing society is a stronger side. Granted the media needs to have a topic to talk about to have media. Events can range from entertainment, community events, sports, weather, and politics. The Amish live a strict, simple, conservative, and
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