Acceptance Within American Born Chinese By Gene Yang

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Acceptance within American Born Chinese by Gene Yang is scattered everywhere within the book. It’s in each story within many situations. One of them telling about a challenging and treacherous journey across hundreds of miles of terrain. All of the main characters reveal so much power of acceptance while I was reading through each chapter of the book. To clarify the many events within the novel I will analyze and relate my experiences as a soldier to the journeys of the Monkey Key, Jin, and finally the monk. Immediately from the beginning the book leads us on with the Monkey King to overcome the challenge of getting accepted to a dinner party. The Monkey King is almost exactly of what one might but with a twist. He’s a regular monkey with a little bit more to offer to the world. He possess leadership, and understands many skills worthy to be a ruler, and becomes little out of hand when he gets upset. A prime example of this is when he attempted to prove the guard that he was well worthy of entering the dinner party. The Monkey King tried to persuade the guard by stating “I am the sovereign ruler of flower-fruit mountain” in order for the guard to understand that this little monkey wasn’t so little (14). The Monkey King even laid out his credentials for the worthy disciplines he mastered. This was a great challenge the Monkey King did since it involved thousands of minor disciplines and four major disciplines. This all tells me that this monkey was no ordinary monkey, but a…
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