Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Essay

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Summary Researchers such as Hayes and Strosahl (2005) defines acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) as an empirically based intervention technique from the cognitive behavior model of psychotherapy that employs mindfulness and acceptance methods mixed in various ways. Grounded within the practical concept of functional contextualism and based on the comprehensive idea of language and cognition, ACT is different from the normal or traditional cognitive behavioral therapy. The differences are manifested in the paradigm of instead of teaching people to control their emotions, ACT teaches them to acknowledge, accept and embrace the emotions and or feelings (Hayes, Louma, Bond, Masuda, & Lillis, 2006). Primarily, western traditions …show more content…
After the cognitive defusion presence is the next step which promotes a continuous non-judgmental interaction with psychological event as they happen. The primary objective for this step is to have the individual experience the world more honestly in order to ensure the behavior is less rigid. The next value is self as context and when used correctly, the human language will lead to a sense of self as a perspective and it will provide a inspirational spiritual side to normal verbal humans this allows the individual to be aware of the past occurrence without attachment to them. At this point in the process, a person needs to add values. Values are chosen characteristics of purposeful nature which are instantiated moment by moment. Under the ACT guidelines there are a variety of ways to accomplish new directions either in family, career, or faith. The last core value is committed action which encourages the creation of bigger and bigger patterns of effective action connected with chosen values (Hayes & Strosahl, 2005). These core values are overlapping and interrelated.
How can ACT be applied? The fundamentals of ACT is a change in internal and external verbal behavior which means a person has to recognize and embrace that their feelings are the results of circumstances in their environment and fighting those feelings makes matters worse. The process helps the individual accept the situation as it is for now
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