Acceptance and Understanding of Paul Hawkins' Ideologies

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I certainly agree with this quotation from Hawkins. Many of the world's problems largely stem from the fact that there is some single ideology in fact countless variations of them throughout the course of history and in contemporary times that some external entity is attempting to enforce on people. The examples are long and lengthy and almost all of them fundamentally flawed, from Hitler's "Final Solution" to the current imperialistic tendencies of the U.S. in the Middle East. Thus, it is fairly apparent that only a studied confluence of ideologies regarding the proper governing and socializing of people will be the most effective. Moreover, it is necessary for the selected ones that are chosen to incorporate values of tolerance, compassion, and understanding primarily to make room for the other ideologies. Personally, I can make an effort to avoid the ignorance and chaos that lurks outside of my doorway, and attempt to practice those aforementioned virtues in my daily interactions with people. The greatest amount of veracity found in this quotation that ends with a reference to Team Shaw Collaborative is that the problems of the world are multifold, and it is difficult for a single person to become fully cognizant of all of them. However, I think that many of these problems have similar roots, most of which pertain to greed, passion and selfishness. I certainly agree with this final quote on the point that acceptance, which is highly akin to tolerance, is the

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