Acceptance of Homosexuality Essay

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Acceptance of Homosexuality

Homosexuality, unlike many other psychological issues, is not associated with starting at birth. For the most part, it is an issue dealt with mostly by adolescence and adults. That is not to say that it does not become an issue sooner, it is just to say that it most commonly occurs later in life. Homosexuals have been the subjects of many studies to discover their multifaceted lives. These studies focus on steps and problems that homosexuals undergo and encounter on their journey to acceptance.

Prenatal According to Papalia, Olds, and Feldman (2001), sexuality may be influenced by a series of hormonal and neurological events during gestation. If the sex hormones are within the
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Dempsey (1994) suggested that although these children are different from their peers, they do not perceive themselves as sexually different, because they have no concept of the words gay, lesbian, or bisexual.
By far, most of the studies done are on adolescence primarily because it is between adolescence and young adulthood when a person really deals with their sexuality.
According to Beaty (1999), during adolescence, the homosexual individual is in the second of four stages, which is identification confusion. During this stage, the individual realizes he/she may be homosexual. Males seem to reach this self-identity about one and one half years sooner than females, although they started the process at about the same time (Rosario, 1996). Typically during this stage, the individual will feel troubled by his/her feelings and deny his/her homosexual orientation and assume heterosexual roles. It is also during this time that many adolescents begin abusing drugs and alcohol, attempt suicide, run away from home, or drop out of school (Dempsey, 1994).
The rate of self-reported suicide attempts among bisexual and homosexual males in the age group of 12 -- 14 years of age was 28.1% and 20.5% of bisexual and homosexual females of the same age group. Homosexual males are 7 times more likely to attempt suicide than heterosexual males. Homosexual
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