Acceptance of Others is Necessary Essay

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Acceptance of Others is Necessary All living things have needs. Whether the needs be as basic as food or as complex as discovering the reason for existence, all organisms have them. “Maslow wrote that, beyond the basic needs for water, food, shelter, and the like, people’s needs are ‘for safety, belongingness and identification, for close love relationships, and for respect and prestige’”. In a way, we all strive to fulfill these needs at some point in our lives. For example, in order to satisfy the need for safety, human beings live together in a society with laws that, if broken, have undesirable consequences attached. Most people also have friends and family throughout their lives to satisfy the need for close love…show more content…
The maturity level for adults is measured in a different way than it is for children. A mature adult makes decisions based on what the right thing to do is. Mature elders show a genuine care for others, go out of their way to help them, are less reckless, and have a better sense of reality. In short, mature adults think about how they can help the world around them. When people are immature in the company of their peers, they are often shunned. Throughout most of written history, there have been people who have been educated in some form and people who have not been “enlightened”. The immature are stereotyped by many as belonging to the latter category. The educated people formed a list of essential cultural knowledge that one ought to know in order to communicate common concepts to other educated people. It is like an education club. In the same way a tennis player knows about the history, rules, and tournaments of the sport, educated people know the popular plays, novels, and music of the society they live in. How do individuals come to know what the essential cultural knowledge is in their society? This essential cultural knowledge changes with the maturity group. What is essential for children is not essential for adults and vice versa. Children could not care less about the news or the opera or some new play in town. Heaven forbid a twelve year old watches the news

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