Accepting Autism : Receiving Autism

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Accepting Autism While at school in his transitional kindergarten class, Avery becomes increasingly frustrated with himself and suddenly begins to have what others would call a tantrum. Avery’s frustration gets the best of him, and he slaps himself. Other students suddenly stop what they are doing and they watch their classmate. Little do they know that he cannot express himself in the same way that they can; he cannot let go of his frustrations and other emotions as well as they can. They simply do not understand or have a knowledge of what is truly happening in their small classroom. Avery’s classmates laugh at him, and their laughter only makes his frustration worse. The teacher finally becomes aware of the situation and tells the other students to go to recess. Mrs. Green sits with Avery and tells him everything is fine and that their is no reason to be frustrated. Mrs. Green’s efforts to soothe the five year old are not as effective as she had hoped. Avery calms some, but is still shaking. Mrs. Green gives Avery something to drink and says to him, “I see that you were frustrated. I do not want you to feel upset, we are going to say five things that you did well today.” Avery looks at her with tears in his eyes. Mrs Green then said, “One, you put your bag in your cubby without making a mess. Two, you were quiet when we had carpet time. Three, you colored inside the lines. Four, you wrote your name perfectly. Five, you helped Jaycee pick up her crayons when she dropped
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