Accepting Change In Nursing

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People generally like to stay in their comfort zone, they do not like changes. However, change is a necessary part of life, we see change in nature every day. Change can be positive or negative. We can choose to embrace the change or reject it, we also can choose to allow the change to have a negative or positive impact on our lives. Helmstetter lists six steps when dealing with change. First to recognize the change, then to decide if you are going to accept or reject the change. The next step is to choose your attitude toward the change, then choose how you are going to deal with it and what actions you are going to take. The last step is to evaluate your progress of accepting the change (Lamberton and Minor, 2012)
In my life I have had many changes, some good, such as, getting married, having children and beginning my nursing career. I have also had negative changes in my life, such as, the divorce of my parents, or the death of my dad and many other family members. I must admit when changes occurred in my life I did not
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So, I had to quit my first job as a nurse on the mother/baby unit. I was not sure I would get another opportunity to work in this area because it is a difficult area to get into with no experience. However, I gave myself time to adjust to my newborn and obtained nursing experience on a part time basis, I began to look for and obtained a position in the area I wanted. I not only got back into mother/baby care, I also was trained in labor and delivery, and this is the area of nursing that is my passion. I have learned through this and many other experiences that changes happen for a reason, we may not know at the time what the reason is. Every change has a learning opportunity, if we take the time we can learn and make it into a positive
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