Accepting Gay Parents

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Is it more traumatizing for a parent to find out his children are homosexual or for a child to find out his parents are homosexual? The answer to this question is never easy, but is increasingly important as homosexuals assert their rights to come out of the closet and to raise families more and more. Karen Peterson's article, "Looking Straight at Gay Parents" assesses varying aspects of the latter situation. Michael LaSala's article, "What to do When Your Child Says "I'm Gay!" explores significant ramifications of the former situation. A comparison between these articles indicates that it is more difficult for children to grow up with homosexual parents than for parents to find out their children are gay. The effects of parents finding out that their children are homosexual can actually help some parents. Once parents get over the initial surprise, this information can help them to become attuned to a side of them that they were not previously aware of. Moreover, it can also help them to become emotionally closer to their children. LaSala's article demonstrates some of the positive repercussions that parent feel after their children inform them of their tendencies in the following quotation. "I find that some parents get to the point where they believe that the experience of having a gay child actually made them a better person more open-minded and sensitive to the needs of others, particularly those in minority groups. Yet others found that their relationships with their
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