Access Control And Distribution Of The Retail Company 's Information

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ana Dumas 1a Access control and security- This process should restrict access to the retail company’s information. There should also include user names and passwords for customers and also for company employees for administrative areas of the website. This process is critical because this will help keep a trust between the consumer and the store. And it’s gives customers the confidence to put their personal and financial information when ordering from the site and the security processes protect hackers from getting information, theft of passwords and system failures. Profiling and Personalization- This process should authenticate identity for payment purposes for customers. There should be a tracking software that should track every…show more content…
Having a interrelationship with suppliers, customers and other businesses could be under the control of the retailers because they are the ones who have to keep communication between them. Supply chain management software is outside the control of the retailer because sometimes software can malfunction and fail and IS/IT professionals are needed to do the necessary repairs. 1c The purchasing of gift cards instead of actual wrapped gifts for a retail store such as J.C. Penny needs to be predicted correctly. By doing that, they can examine trends during any of the joyous seasons. IS/IT can manage this trend by having a system that is automated such as a software that tracks and keeps up with inventory and can also help the company look into demands and make appropriate supply chain plans with the supplier. 2a The differences between DSS and MIS is that DSS are computer based information that uses DSS software to provide information to support semistructured and unstructured decision faced by managers. They are designed to use a decision maker’s own judgments. DSS uses analytical models and databases to support decisions. DSS focuses more on leadership. MIS provides managers with information and support for effective decisions. MIS focuses more on the information gathered that supports every day business decisions. MIS has periodic reports

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