Access Control Simulation

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Ground Level Upon entry the door was locked and a key card was required for this single point of entry. There were security cameras outside of the building. There was a dumpster outside that was not secured, which could allow anyone access to sensitive information. Locking the dumpster or placing it in a secured location would mitigate this risk. The receptionist did not ask me to verify my identity. The receptionist should be required to verify the identity of everyone entering building to prevent a person from entering the building that isn’t authorized. There was a security room with security personnel viewing the monitors. Office 1-1 had a post it note taped to computer monitor with names that could be passwords. Increased…show more content…
Cubicle 2-5 had an unsecured trash can which should be kept in a restricted access area to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. Cubicle 2-6 did have a fingerprint scanner, which increases access controls. In the hallway there was sensitive financial information displayed on a cork board which should be removed as all sensitive information should be secured. In office 2-1 the computer was not locked. Controls should be put in place to requiring all employees to secure their hardware. Office 2-1 also had a post it note with login information displayed. As previously mentioned with office 1-1, password security needs to increased. For example, security could monitor the premises to ensure login information is not displayed in addition to the company strictly enforcing such controls. Office 2-2 also had login information displayed, there was no fingerprint scanner, a flash drive was on the desk as well as sensitive information. Again, increased security surrounding login information needs to be enforced as well as encrypting flash drives and securing sensitive information in a locked location. Floor 3 The hallway had an Ethernet jack and there was no restricted access so an authorized user could access the network. Requiring security access would mitigate this risk. The hallway also had sensitive information displayed on the cork board which should be removed to prevent
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