Access Control System : Access Controls System

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Access Control System The access control system is a fundamental way of reducing security problems and control the access of people to a place. The purpose of the access control is to make sure that the right people are only granted the access to the place. The control system will ensure the privilege for people to access the building according to their rights and level. The control system monitor and record all the activities regarding the access control to lock and unlock the building, detect when a pass card is used and used when it has been declared lost. (Benantar, 2006) Improving the security system of the dormitory is important by creating an access control system to lock and unlock the doors automatically through an electronic device reader that will allow visitors during entry and required personnel. To correct insecurity, it is very important that the security system be improved to discover the visitors that came in and to only allow the required staffs into the system. Hence, our objective is to create an access control system that open and close the door automatically through an electronic reader. The system should be connected with the security camera system to enhance effective operation. The access control system would require that all visitors swipe their cards through the card reader and the system would check if the information on the card matches with information in the database; then, if a match is found, the door would open (Sandhu & Munawer, 2002).
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